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Linking and how it helps with SEO

A link is a pathway from one web page to another. This can be internally ( within your own site) or externally to or from other sites.

A link is looked at as a trust from one destination to the other. If links didn't exist we would have no easy way to navigate the web and all pages would be 'floating around' on their own. Links are like the glue that holds the Internet together.

Search engines use programs called spiders and robots to follow links and take back the information it finds to add to the vast databases. Because of this it stands to reason that it could be quite good practice to have as many links coming to your site as possible as this would mean many more pathways for the spiders to find you.

Is thousands of links to your site a good thing?

Links can be good and bad. It is important that all the links you have to your site are considered to eb good ones. If you ahve bad links then there si a chance you will be penalised by the search engines,

Bad links

Bad links are links that do not follow the guidelines for link building. You may have signed up to a link building program which guarantees 1000's of links instantly. These links are usually from sources not connected to the topic on your website .



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